Getting real followers on Face book ain't so difficult

Because of the new Facebook algorithm, publishers and brands have to work harder and smarter to see their content on the platform. Many of them were thinking, "How can I improve my FB page without paying for it?" Or "What's the first strategy for attracting attention on Facebook?
Well-known publishers and brands usually have full-time producers or relationships with top celebrities to create amazing content and compelling activities. But if you're not one of them, don't worry - we'll share some timed strategies that will help many companies improve their visibility, engagement and social attention on Facebook.

1. How to attract followers on Facebook by creating content around trends

One simple way to increase participation on Facebook is to publish articles, blogs, videos and other types of content that discuss hot topics. There are many free tools to find trends: Facebook Trends, BuzzFeed Trends, Buzzsumo, and so on. Monitor these platforms regularly and move quickly, because today's trends can easily become obsolete tomorrow.

2. Download the Facebook Follow button

You can download and install the Facebook follower button to make it easier for Facebook users to connect to your page. It eliminates the guess of connecting to your page, shows them your presence on Facebook in advance, and eliminates the need for users to search for your brand by themselves. When Facebook users want to track you, they just click on the Facebook Track button. It only takes two steps to configure and install buttons on your site. Just add your Facebook account URL, customize your button design, and you can start!

3. Organizing competitions and gifts on Facebook

Let's be honest: Everyone likes free stuff - it's a good strategy to increase Facebook followers, especially if you're a retailer. You can attract more Facebook users and potential customers by hosting a competition or offering gifts for upcoming products or product lines. If you don't sell, try to work with companies that only sell one or two punches.

4. Post Video

More than 8 billion videos and 100 million hours of videos are consumed on Facebook every day. Make your own videos to attract users and let your brand participate in the game. Be sure to maintain a consistent brand style and tone so that when your social media grows, they are more easily recognized by visitors. If this strategy is beyond your budget or resources, you can still scale it down by forwarding popular, interesting and useful videos from well-known sources.
As shown in the figure above, the core concept of getting more Facebook page followers is to maintain a consistent brand image, interact with your audience, and attract their needs and interests. Start incorporating these tips into your daily release strategy to view immediate results. The longer you stick to these suggestions and incorporate them into your overall social media strategy, the better your results will be.
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